Grade A Railway Sleepers Stock Ireland

Railway Sleepers Kerry

For Sale New, Manufactured and Reclaimed Sleepers Top Quality Treated and UnTreated Sleepers

Railway Sleepers are ideal for Gardens, Landscaping, Allotments, Garden Furniture, Raised Beds and Lawns in County Kerry.

The number 1 Stockists of Sleepers to the Trade Market in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the U.K. and Kerry.

We provide manufactured softwood railway sleepers and hardwood railway sleepers, both treated and untreated according to customer requirements. Reclaimed Creosted SleepersOur range of Sleepers includes contemporary machined and moulded garden sleepers, rustic round edged railway sleepers and mini garden sleepers.

We can offer as few as a handful or as many a bail as full Lorry load! We also stock a full range of reclaimed sleepers in all shapes, sizes and treatments levels and we have the most complete range in the Kerry.

Our reclaimed railway sleepers include: reclaimed softwood, reclaimed hardwood, reclaimed untreated tropical hardwood, reclaimed oak etc.

Our new gardening/landscaping railway sleepers include: New eco treated green sleepers and new eco treated brown softwood sleepers, new untreated oak sleepers, new half oak sleepers (perfect for decking and many other garden uses), new untreated larch railway sleepers, New untreated chestnut railway sleepers among others!

We maintain a large stocks of new and reclaimed sleepers in Kerry and Deliver to all towns in County Kerry.

For best prices and service contact us directly. Phone 087 617 8379